Poetry Corner: August

The ocean is above me, a curtain I could pull

I am not drowning, but I sway to and fro

I have a picture of your face that I pull out sometimes

Your teeth are all showing as you grin and squint your eyes

A foggy dream surrounds me

I hear the rushing of the waves

I cannot move or speak or breathe without worry of the waves

I am not drowning, I am breathing

Breathing with a picture in a frame

You are here, but I am dizzy and the foggy blue begins to fade

We are here, but we are slow

As we move we cannot show the pain and love

And wonder lingers

I see your work inside my fingers

Attached by veins in the bottom of this sea

Flowing, thriving distantly

I could pull it all down

The ocean itself could learn to drown

But here we are

The ocean is above me

A curtain I could pull


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