Old People Leave Me Speechless

I’ve had a lot of conversations at work with the elderly lately. I’ve learned two things: they love frozen yogurt, and they’ll say things that surprise you! I’m not pointing out their age to be rude, but there’s just something about my wrinkly friends that I find necessary to share. They sure can teach you a lot!
(Except Bob* from the nursing home. All he ever taught me was to not wake him up when he won bingo or he’d throw the prize at my face.)


Playing Dead

Me: (To Roshandala) So how are your dogs doing?

-She’s single and her six large doggies are like little kids who keep her busy. Every morning she goes downstairs and makes them go outside and run around for a little bit and go to the bathroom. Their beds are nice and warm and cozy though, so they don’t really like getting up early and going into the cold. –

Roshandala: Mitzy was being especially lazy this morning, even after all the other dogs went outside. So I said, “quit playing dead like a lazy bum, Mitzy!” Mitzy would not budge. I walked over to her doggie bed, “C’mon!!” But it turns out Mitzy wasn’t playing dead. She must have passed away in the night.

Sassy Granny
Me: That’ll be $5.32.

Sassy Granny: What! Can I put some of this yogurt back??

Me: Uhh.. I don’t think that’s possible. *chuckles*

Sassy Granny: Well that sucks ass. *hands me a twenty dollar bill*


Fabio: *looks down at tip jar* I’ll give ya a tip!

Me: Ohhh great here we go. 

Fabio: Don’t play leapfrog with a unicorn!! *cackles*

Me:..good advice sir


A Kind Word 
Me: *stressed out, trying to keep a rush under control*

MaryLou: I can see that you’re working hard, great job!

Me: *speechless*…thank you!

Try talking to an older person today! Or any person for that matter; they all have a story to tell that will surprise you, and make you laugh, cry or smile unexpectedly.
*names have been changed for the purpose of anonymity


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