How to Build the Perfect Froyo

If you’ve ever been to a self-serve frozen yogurt shop, you’ve probably had a pretty good dessert. But what if I told you, you could have the most delicious sundae ever? And you’d get the satisfaction of creating it with your own two (assuming you have two) hands?! Well you’re talking with an expert here, and I’ve seen a lot of amateur mistakes in my time at work. If you’d like to be a *Super Swirler* like me, read on:

1. Check out the available toppings before you even sample the yogurts, so that way you can begin building your creation in your head. Toppings rotate and change frequently, and if you know what’s there ahead of time, you won’t be disappointed.

2. Sample. Sample. Sample! I’m not saying that you should stand in front of the machines for twenty minutes like a freeloader on their lunch break from The Omnivore Burrito. No, but I’m surprised by some people’s apprehensiveness when it comes to trying before they buy. You’ll only be hurting yourself if you don’t like what you get. Plus, you could be missing out on a great flavor that you didn’t know you would like!

3. Pull gently on the froyo lever, and rotate your cup in a small circle, allowing a hole in the middle of the cup. This handy little crevice is for toppings! I have to admit, this skill does take work. But I guess having froyo eight times a week helped me. Calm yourself down, okay? I only have it six times a week now.

4. Don’t forget to layer! After you fill up the middle with toppings, add more yogurt on top of that. This is when your sauces, whipped cream, and sprinkles come into play. You want to make sure to have a taste of all your delicious toppings in every bite.

Expert tip: gummy bears & chewy candies go on top of the whipped cream so they don’t freeze and break your teeth.

5. Do not rush the process. Especially if you’re with a group of friends. Kids have a lot of energy and tend to do this a lot. If you do end up mastering my techniques thus far, and get done early, there are a few things you should not do while you wait. I know you’re excited, and the music is poppin’, but this is not the time for a dance party. I have seen too many cups of yogurt dumped on the floor that way. Also, please do not interefere with anyone else’s magical experience by telling them to hurry up, or I don’t know..shoving a spoon up their butt! I’m not getting into that one tonight. Finally, try your best to remember that the toppings bar is not an all you can eat buffet.

6. The biggest secret in all of frozen yogurt history! Just kidding. That’s it for now. I can’t give away all my secrets!

If you’re like me, you’ll end up mixing everything together anyway. After posting a pic of your perfect froyo on Insta, that is.

Hannah out. 🍦


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