Journey to the Outside

We sit here waiting. Wanting to be wanted. Behind the glass, things are not so clear. We stand tall next to each other separated by our individual compartments. We are evenly lit up in glory. People stand around and stare. Children press their noses against the glass and peer in. Contemplating which one of us will be chosen.

We’re each assigned a code when we enter the unit. Mine is B4. This code is my identity, it determines my freedom. And when I am gone, one of my own kind will fill my spot and take my code. So we wait for someone to enter our cypher on the keypad, and pray that their fingers didn’t slip and press the wrong plastic buttons. We’re here to please. We want to be chosen.

I’ve watched many fall and be taken. Some get stuck on their journey to the outside. A7 is constantly replaced. It’s sought after. I have been here for forty seven days. I don’t even know if I’m still able to fulfill my duty without harm. I just wish I could’ve been an A7. Those darn Doritos. No person can eat just one Dorito.

It’s tough being Juicy Fruit. Who buys gum out of a vending machine anyway? Desperate people that’s who. At least I have the drink machine across the room to admire while I wait for my destiny. D9 is a tall glass of water if you know what I mean.


10 thoughts on “Journey to the Outside

    1. Thank you! Lol oh my gosh “bananas in pajamas going up the stairrrs!!” That was my favorite show as a kid. I’m glad that I masked my identity well, I wasn’t sure if it was obvious or not.

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      1. Haha halfway through I figured something was up, but only because I’ve had the idea to write something tricky like this too in the past (there goes that idea).

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      2. Haha no, you should totally do it anyways! I was inspired by a short story that sounds like someone is mining in a cave, but it’s really a person picking their nose and then sneezing. Lol

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      3. Yeah people have been asking if something happened to me because I haven’t posted in a week haha. I just need to catch up on sleep and have the energy in my arms to type lol.

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