Pizza is Life

It came in a box, as all pizzas do. But this box was unlike all others. It wasn’t sweaty or greasy at the bottom. It was simply, warm. It wouldn’t burn your lap if you got roped into riding to the pizza place to pick it up with the driver who didn’t want to go alone. No. This pizza was even perfect before I had opened the lid covering its beauty.

I looked up awestruck at my roommate, Brooke as I opened the box and wafted the savory, wonderful aroma that is dominos delivery in the middle of the night. I had a coupon for deep dish so I went with that, but it had been God’s plan all along. This was the Krusty Krab pizza for you and me.

The cheese was not overbearing, but it was plentiful. The crust was soft, but a nice crunch was a gentle surprise around the rim. I barely had time to get a plate before I had finished the first slice. This is what I had needed to finish my paper that night. That’s the fun part about being an English major; at any given point during the semester, I will be working on several papers. And they’re probably due tomorrow morning.

One Tuesday night, Brooke and I were working on a paper that was due the next morning. It was a really rough assignment, and I was in tears while she tried to pull herself together to keep us both strong. She seemed to be typing away at the essay, but she was really ordering dominios online. What a smart woman. Turns out it was cheaper to buy two large pizzas instead of one medium one. I don’t know how that worked, but I wasn’t about to complain. Our mini fridge was full of pizza the entire week. And the papers got done that night, our tears sopped up by the loving hankies of crust and velvety cheese.

Pizza can get you through just about anything though. Think about it. When clubs don’t have enough people coming to the meetings, they have a pizza interest meeting! Want kids to do better in school? Pizza party incentive! No one wants to cook? Do you want to call or will I?

And the comfort of the most glorious slice I ever had shall never be forgotten.


6 thoughts on “Pizza is Life

  1. Pizza is the best friend anyone can have. It never cancels plans. And it’s always there. I ordered a late night pizza from Domino’s a few years ago at school along with my friends. The pizzas arrived, I opened mine up….AND IT WASN’T CUT. They didn’t cut my pizza into slices! I had to use a butter knife. It was quite funny but I’ve had beef with Domino’s ever since. I should’ve ordered Papa John’s instead. They were kind to me. And they don’t have a location in my hometown so I could only get it at school.

    I might have to steal your pizza themed post and do one of my own. I have a bunch of pizza stories to tell haha

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    1. Hahaha if my pizza was uncut, I’d be like oh darn they only gave me one slice and eat it all. Papa Johns is pretty good! I’ve only had it once though. Lol do it up! You write about pizza a lot and it inspired me.

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      1. Haha I would’ve just grabbed the entire large pizza like a wheel but people were around. I had to be somewhat civil. Papa Johns is my favourite pizza place ever. And I can’t get it anymore because I’m done school. Apparently they only have locations near the Canadian-US border.

        There are 3 posts about pizza in my Reader today from some of my frequent readers. I’m rubbing off on some people lol

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      2. Lol ohh okay yeah it’s hard when people are around. 😝 Aw man! You’ll have to make a special trip sometime when you’re hungry. Or pay a ton for delivery. Lol really?? Pizza is so great. I had it thrice this week.

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