That Time I Fought Chris Pratt

Writing Prompt: Imagine you get into a fight with a celebrity. Who is it? What happens? 

Our hands both reach longingly for the last big double chocolate chip cookie in the Dragon’s Den. It’s been a long day, and its melty chips look so enticing; I must have it. My hand bumps into his, and I gasp as I look up at my sweet toothed foe. His scruffy, bearded face shimmers in the fluorescent light of the cafe, and I am enamored yet enraged. This cookie is mine. I deserve it. You cannot defeat me, Chris Pratt, with your winning smile, witty jokes, and charming personality!

“You have it,” I say half heartedly.

“No, no. You saw it first.” He is so kind and gentle hearted. I hate it.

“No! You have the cookie, you deserve it!” I yell as I push it into his strong, muscular hand. The hipster at the cappuccino machine looks up for a second, and then goes back to filling his cup.

“For the love of the Lego Movie, if you don’t take this cookie, I’m going to shove it down your throat.” While that does sound enticing because let’s face it, it is Chris Pratt after all, I am even more angered.

“JUST TAKE IT,” I explode, and throw the cookie across the cafe hitting the cashier, Nancy, right between the eyes knocking her out of her chair onto the cold ground. She lifts her head up with a smile, “That’ll be $1.65, honey.”


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