10 Things Your Sister Won’t Tell You

Sisterly love is incomparable to any other bond. You understand each other on a deep level because you grew up together, took care of one another, and know the other better than she knows herself. And you came out of the same womb, so that’s pretty special. 

1. I love that I can be weird around you. Some people just don’t get our humor for some reason, but I know I can count on you to let me be myself. Our inside jokes that no one else understands are priceless.                                                                           [“Striking cobra. Flying Eagle. Noble Turtle.” “Ummm…no.”  ;)]

2. I’m mad about the fact that I can’t stay mad at you. When you tick me off, I’m gonna give you the silent treatment…for a few minutes. Ughhh look at this cute cat Vine I need to show you and I have to tell you about this cute guy I’m crushing on and will you watch Parks and Rec with me what do you want for lunch also I need your help with this thing.

3. Mean comments hurt the most coming from you. I’m not too worried about what people think about me, but your opinion matters. You know me the best: my strengths, my weaknesses, my favorite snacks. When you criticize me, it cuts deep.

4. You may have tortured me when we were younger, but it brought us closer together somehow. My older sister, Naomi, used to threaten me with a Quasimodo finger puppet. “If you don’t get me a drink of water, Quasimodo’s gonna getcha!” That hunchback creep haunted me. But we laugh about it now. What’s sibling love without a little childhood trauma?

5. Food tastes better when you make it for me. Sure, I have the ability to make easy mac by myself; but yours is so much better. And I will beg you to make it for me. 

6. Frozen is the best movie ever. I sobbed through that movie because it reminded me of our glorious, infinite love.

7. I don’t want to fight with you. I hate when we aren’t getting along. Sometimes I don’t even know why we’re arguing.

8. You’re always on my mind. Life gets very busy, and sometimes I don’t see or talk to you as much as I’d like to. Just know that I’m thinking about you and wondering how you’re doing. 

9. Stop stealing my stuff. I love you, but stop. JUST ASK FIRST, OKAY? But yeah, I will help myself to that cute handbag of yours.

10. I’ll always be here for you. Blood is most definitely not thicker than water. I will help you through anything, and support you no matter what. I will be the first to like your Instagram selfie and your biggest fan of whatever you do.

P.S. Happy birthday, Naomi! ❤


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