How to Deal with Rejection

This one time, I got put in the friend-zone. And by one time, I mean approximately eleven times. It’s hard to describe what it feels like besides the obvious: it sucks. While I am no love doctor, I must say that getting creative can help keep your mind off of the recent disaster. 

I asked a guy to prom once, and he told me “I don’t really like dancing.” We were in a musical together. He was a featured dancer. At least he let me down easy. So I decided to make this little comic.


 It’s cute, funny, and even shows that you can do your own thing and still be an adorable alpaca

There was this other guy, in my Geometry class, who broke my heart so severely that I decided I needed something to work on to distract myself. So I got an associate’s degree in tenth grade. I was dramatic (and apparently motivated) in high school.

But one of the best things that ever came out of my romantic disasters, is this poem. I performed it in a slam competition, and was crowned Slam Queen. Sometimes when you get really close to someone, you can’t help but fall in love with them. Unfortunately, that friend doesn’t always feel the same, and it would hurt more to lose them, so you keep silent:

These Nights

These nights it’s freezing but we go downtown

And it smells like Christmas as we walk around

Beneath the glowing lights and the city’s sounds

The snow dances softly in quiet murmurs

And the hot cocoa burns your lips

With its bittersweet drips


These nights the odor of rain and raw dirt

Seeps beneath our coats

As we open the door

And we slip inside your car to watch the downpour        

This side of the glass makes the world

So much clearer


These nights the fragile leaves shatter beneath our feet

But we just keep walking and share our coffee

Two creams, no sugar                                                        

That’s just the way we are

And the light in your eyes

Guides us as it grows dark


These nights it’s too hot to do much of anything

So we sit on your roof and gaze at the stars                    

I see their beauty and you see them just as they are

In silence you reach for my hand

And everything we’ve ever wanted floats in the air

And those things that you saw that no kid should ever see

They happened to you, so they happened to me                       

These nights I can’t deny my love for you

But I just move a little closer to spell out the truth


These are the nights I live for

The ones my brain stumbles over as I’m trying to sleep

I relive every moment                                                          

Play it over and over

Until it’s locked into my memory

These are the nights that I choke back tears

From the pain of these silent last five years

And all the noises and the voices in my head

Are just all the words I wish I had said


 These are the nights I live for

And you’ll never remember a single one




6 thoughts on “How to Deal with Rejection

  1. You are lucky that you get creative during hard times, with me it seems to be the opposite! I just can’t stop thinking about something bad that happened to me recently and then i just waste my time doing nothing at all. Any suggestions?


    1. I guess I just take all the negative emotions and energy I’m feeling and put it into something else. If you can’t quite get creative with it, try just simply writing out your feelings. You can even write a fake letter to whoever hurt you: make it very blunt, honest, and dramatic.

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