12 Things All Self-Serve Froyo Workers Know to Be True

Frozen yogurt shops have been sweeping the nation with their hype of better nutrition and brightly colored walls. I personally have been scraping chunks of caramel sauce off of floors and enjoying the luscious aroma of homemade waffle cones for two years now. For all of you team members out there with tshirts stained by hot fudge and strawberries: this one’s for you.

1. When new flavors come in, you go a little crazy with the samples.

2. You thought this job would be a lot less cleaning and a whole lot more eating. eynmy
3. Watching kids stick their hands in the toppings is like watching something you love be destroyed. 3117020
4. New customers will press the freeze buttons on the machines no matter how many times you try to explain the simplicity of the lever.eynxx
5. You have no idea why you have a tip bucket, but you’re not going to complain!
6. You hate when people say your job is easy because they don’t see all of the hard work you put into it.
7. You hear every single sprinkle that falls on the floor, but you just grin and bear it.
8. If you run out of Nutella, every single white girl will let you know it with a look of bitter sadness in their eyes.
9. Sometimes you think you’re completely sick of frozen yogurt, but then you have some and realize it’s still pretty dang good.anigif_enhanced-buzz-20676-1385441890-0
10. Talking to customers and getting to know your regulars are some of the best parts of working.
11. The most stressful time is when you’re on cash register and there’s a line out the door.
12. You’re proud to have a job that so many people say they wish they had because it looks so fun!


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